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EPDM Orangery Rubber Roof Kit

This EPDM Orangery Rubber Roof Kit is designed for orangeries with parapet walls down both sides and a gutter along the front edge. You will Find our Kits to be easy to install, Great looking and have a life expectancy of up to 50 years! EPDM rubber membranes are UV, Ozone and Infrared stable so will not crack, blister or peel. We have put together a kit including the 1.2mm EPDM rubber membrane, adhesives and edging trims.

EPDM Colour: Lead / Slate Grey
Used For: EPDM Rubber Roof for orangery's with 2 parapet walls, 1 wall trim and 1 gutter trim.
Deck Type: Timber deck (OSB3 or Plywood)
Sure Edge Trim Colours: Anthracite Grey / Black / White

Included in Kit:

  • EPDM Membrane as per kit chosen
  • Water based deck adhesive for bonding to the timber roof
  • Contact Adhesive for bonding deck perimeter & upstands
  • Sure Edge Gutter Drip Edge for front edge
  • Wall Trim to act as flashing alonf house wall
  • 8 External Patches with Primer for corners of roof and lantern
  • Tool Kit (Scissors/DIY Seam Roller/Paint brush/Roller set/Mini Roller)
  • Mastic for wall flashing
  • Water Cut Off Mastic to seal between rubber and lantern
  • Installation Guide
  • (All clips and pins are included for the trims)

    For Customised Roof Kit Sizes - CALL 02031510153

    The Membrane size is the same as mentioned in kit size. Therefore your roof size will need to be smaller to allow for edge overlaps. e.g. 5metre x 4metre roof kit will fit a roof that is no larger than 4.7metres x 3.7metres.

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