Classicbond Kit: RRUK-22-GVUP

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Area: 200m2

Dimensions: 10m x 20m x 10m x 20m

  • 2x ClassicBond 1.5mm One Piece EPDM Rubber Membrane
  • 52x 3" Splice Tape
  • 4x ClassicBond HP250 Primer 1.0 Litre
  • 1x ClassicBond HP250 Primer 500ml
  • 3x Water Based Deck Adhesive 15 Litres
  • 1x Water Based Deck Adhesive 5 Litres
  • 2x ClassicBond Contact Adhesive 5.0 Litre
  • 2x ClassicBond Contact Adhesive 1.0 Litre
  • 1x External Corner Patch (9"x300 Tape)
  • 3x 9 Inch Elastoform Uncured EPDM Tape
  • 1x 68mm Internal Drain Kit
  • 60x Russ Strip (Mechanical Bonding)
  • 2x Horizontal Drain Kit
  • 2x Pipe Boot - 25mm - 150mm
  • 1x Lap Sealant
  • 2x Pipe Boot - 12mm - 75mm
  • 1x DIY Tool Installation Kit
  • 6x Elotene DSN Self Adhesive Vapour Barrier - 40m
  • 1x Elotene DSN Self Adhesive Vapour Barrier - 10m
  • 6x Elotene SBS Primer 5 Ltr

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